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The Road to Recovery for Marion

Marion walked into PPS Physiotherapy Kellyville in February 2017 after fracturing her Left patella (knee cap) tripping over at home in late 2016. She underwent surgery to have a wire threaded through the patella to assist in the fracture healing.
Marion xray edited          20170104_185037
When Marion first attended the clinic she was wearing a knee brace, using a 4 wheeled walker and had high hopes I was about to fit her with a more comfortable knee brace.Unfortunately, the brace Marion was instructed to go into “just for comfort”, was bigger, bulkier and more uncomfortable than her previous brace. I said to Marion I’ll give you a few days and you will be begging to come out of it.

Sure enough 2 days later Marion returned ready to commence physiotherapy and the first thing she said was “you can have the brace back.”  Marion started physio with a long rehabilitation road ahead. The first priority was to increase her amount of flexion (bend) and extension (leg straight). On her first session, Marion was able to bend up to 45 degrees and extend out long to -4 degrees from straight. As a bit of a guide against what we would usually see, ideal range is between 125 degrees and 140 degrees of bend. You also need a minimum of 110 degrees to use stairs or complete a full revolution on a bike.

marion brace 1

Gradually we began to introduce strengthening exercises, balance tasks, learning to walk again and performing functional exercises.

In March 2017, Marion’s progressed plateaued due to the surgical wire limiting her ability to move and at times it would catch in the knee causing her considerable pain. The surgeon agreed to remove this wire, a few months earlier than desired, to reduce the pain and increase her function. At the same time, a small non-harmful lump was removed from the right knee which we commonly referred to as ‘Lawrence the lump’…so maybe we should make that 3 surgeries now!   20170412_154455
When Marion returned post her second round of surgery her progress again picked up and we were able to make greater achievements.

These included;
– cracking the 90 degrees of flexion (bend) mark and beyond
– completing a full resolution on the bike
– walking without an aid
–  being able to return to driving
– becoming more confident using stairs

Today Marion has exceeded expectations and is now able to bend her knee to 137 degrees and extend all the way. She still has some difficulty going downstairs but is working hard on this and is regaining her confidence. Marion is also backMarion knee bend to most activities and is enjoying her ongoing improvements.

Marion was very diligent with sticking to her appointments, rehabilitation plan and home exercises.

The team at PPS Physiotherapy are very proud to have helped Marion throughout her journey with us and we wish Marion all the best for the future.
Kim and Marion