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Back Pain is Attributed to Abdominal Weakness

This may be true but it is not our six pack muscles (rectus abdominus) that are to blame and sit ups are not the answer. Doing sit ups while you have back pain may actually increase your pain considerably.

PPS Physiotherapists are able to show you the correct exercises for your deep abdominal muscles to increase your Transverse Abdominus strength and muscles in your back called multifidus which work together to stabilise your spine. These deep muscles directly support your lumbar spine when playing sports or when performing activities such as lifting.

This multifidus/transverse abdominus activation is initially difficult to exercise and require specific instruction from your physiotherapist to turn on correctly.

abdominal strength exercise

The benefits of exercising these stabilising muscles are:

  • Increase the strength these muscles, therefore reducing the occurrence of lower back pain
  • May strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and improve incontinence – or post pregnancy issues
  • Prevention recurrence of back pain

These physio exercises require supervision and direction to ensure that you are activating the correct muscle groups. PPS Physiotherapists are trained in teaching these exercises and will prescribe you a comprehensive exercise program to assist with your back pain recovery and prevent you from suffering back pain in the future.

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