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For any chronic pain, recovery or pre-surgery therapy and other physio needs, consult our friendly physiotherapists at PPS Physiotherapy.

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If you are in need of a physio, Baulkham Hills’s renowned physiotherapy centre is PPS Physiotherapy. Our team of trained physiotherapists will be happy to offer quality physiotherapy services including comprehensive physiotherapy, orthotic prescription, thermoplastic splinting, sports braces, sports tape and strapping, pre-season fitness assessment and women’s health and pelvic floor management.

More often than not, physiotherapy is used to manage the issues of people who had accidents, injuries, or illnesses that affect their mobility, it is not solely intended for them. If you feel a chronic pain or discomfort from any part of your body, then you may need a physiotherapy session.

Whether you hurt yourself while playing cricket with your friends or got injured while working in your garage, it is best to consult a professional before it is too late. Don’t let yourself suffer from chronic pain. Consult a certified physiotherapist near Baulkham Hills.

3 Signs that You Need to Visit a Physio Clinic

Pain is the body’s way of signaling us that we need to be concerned about a particular part of the body. Not every ache or pain requires a physio, but if you are experiencing the following symptoms, you may need to consult a licensed physiotherapist.

Balance and coordination problems

Do you frequently slip or fall? You may think you are just clumsy or you have problems with your legs and feet. In reality, balance is maintained by an inner ear structure called the vestibular system. If the vestibular system is affected by a condition, you may experience frequent loss of balance and dizziness. A physiotherapist will advise you to undergo a vestibular rehabilitation to help you manage to walk properly.

Chronic and repetitive pain

A one-off back pain or neck pain caused by strenuous work is normal. But if you are suffering from a neck pain or back pain that would not go away, there is no reason why you should suffer in silence, thinking that it will just eventually disappear. Physiotherapy can help manage and even treat chronic pain.

Workplace pain

Having a desk job requires you to maintain your sitting position for hours. The human body is required to move regularly. Staying in a fixed position, especially in a bad posture, can lead to negative consequences for your body.

Physiotherapy near Baulkham Hills

At PPS Physiotherapy, we put your health above all. With over 20 years of experience serving physio needs, we are proud to deliver the highest quality service to people who suffer from chronic aches and injuries as well as people who want to stay fit. From community sporting event service to injury prevention and management courses, we pride ourselves in fulfilling your physiotherapy needs.

Live pain-FREE and start getting back into shape with the help from the PPS Physiotherapists. Book a consultation or visit our physio clinics. Call our physio clinic in Carlingford on (02) 9871 2022 or our physio clinic in Kellyville on (02) 9672 6752.