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Physiotherapy Treatment for Parramatta Locals

More often than not, people think that the only people who need to visit a physiotherapist are those with serious injuries and mobility issues. Many Australians think that they need a referral from a general physician first before they could consult a physio. In reality, anyone who feels acute and chronic pain should consult a certified physiotherapist.

Pain is the body’s way of calling our attention. While not every pain requires you to rush to a Parramatta physio, acute and chronic pain may need to be evaluated by a licensed physiotherapist to determine the underlying condition. For inquiries, call (02) 9871 2022.

Answer the following questions to determine if you need a physiotherapy treatment:

1. Do you experience repetitive pain?

When you do some strenuous work, it is normal to experience neck pain or back pain. This type of pain will usually go away after a day or two. But if some part of your body is suffering from pain that would not go away, or would come and go, it is time to consult a physiotherapist. A licensed physio will be able to create a program that can help manage and treat your chronic pain.

2. Do you often slip or fall?

Frequent slips or falls can be a sign of a mobility issue. If there is a problem with the organ that manages balance and coordination, it can be hard to move without falling over. Physiotherapy can retrain your body to maintain equilibrium and address the underlying condition of your mobility issue.

Consult a Physiotherapist near Parramatta

Don’t let yourself suffer from lingering pain and mobility issues. Consult a physiotherapist today. PPS Physiotherapy aims to deliver the highest quality physiotherapy services in Parramatta and surrounding suburbs. Our physiotherapists use a systematic approach in investigating your injury and determining the underlying condition of your pain. We also use the latest treatment protocols and personalise them depending on your situation.

With our proud 20-year history of managing people’s pain and improving their fitness, you are guaranteed to be completely satisfied with your consultation. Our physiotherapy services include personal physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy and injury management, pre & post-surgical physiotherapy and more.

Talk to a physio today. Schedule a physiotherapy session by calling our team at PPS Physiotherapy. Call us on (02) 9871 2022 or visit us at Suite 4, 7 Lloyds Ave Carlingford for more information.