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In physiotherapy, trained and licensed professionals evaluate and treat abnormal physical conditions including injuries, disabilities and diseases. Physiotherapy helps patients throughout the medical process, from the initial diagnosis to post-surgery and rehabilitation. Physiotherapists also help maintain physical fitness and prevent physical conditions from getting worse.

There are many misconceptions about physiotherapy among Australians today. Some think that it is only reserved for sports athlete or those suffering from severe injuries. However, physiotherapy is not limited to severe cases. If you experience frequent discomfort and even pain in any part of your body, don’t assume that it will go away on its own. If pain stays for more than a few days, you may need to consult a licensed physiotherapist.

Signs that You May Need to Consult a Physiotherapist

Pain that won’t go away

Back pain or neck pain that results from strenuous work is normal and can heal after a few days. But if your pain comes and goes or won’t go away even after a reasonable number of days, there is no reason to suffer in silence. Physiotherapy helps manage this type of pain and can help pinpoint the underlying condition to treat it.

Frequent slips or falls

If you experience slips or falls more than average, this could point out to a mobility issue. A disorder with the sensory organ that manages balance and coordination can cause this type of problem. A consultation with a physiotherapist would help you regain your balance back and help you move without falling over.

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