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Suffering from chronic pain? Get back into shape by booking a physio treatment at PPS Physiotherapy Clinic.

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Are you looking for a dependable physiotherpy clinic in Rouse Hill? With over 20 years of specialised physiotherapy treatments, the PPS Physiotherapists can help you get back into shape.

Our team of certified physiotherapists offers comprehensive physiotherapy treatments including personal physiotherapy, thermoplastic sprinting, sports tape, sports braces and strapping, orthotic prescriptions, women’s health management and pre-season fitness assessment.

Common Signs that You Need a Physiotherapy

The human body knows when something is not right. It uses aches and pains from a specific part of the body to signal what needs to be checked. Not every pain needs to be addressed by a professional but if you are suffering from the following, you need to consult a certified physiotherapist.

You suffer from chronic pain

Experiencing muscle pain after strenuous work is normal. If your back pain, neck pain, wrist pain and joint pain persist after several days, you will need to consult a physiotherapist to address the underlying problem and create a pain management plan for you. (READ: Physiotherapy for Acute & Chronic Pain)

Prolonged sitting hurts

For office workers, sitting on your desk for a long time can cause pain, especially if you have a bad posture. Slouching on your seat can not only cause chronic pain, but you may also experience headaches if not corrected. A certified physiotherapist will be able to correct your posture and recommend ergonomic practices for you.

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Are you looking for a reliable physiotherapist near Rouse Hill? Based in Sydney’s Hills District, PPS Physiotherapy has clinics near Rouse Hill.

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